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The online diary of the Cray-Cyber Project

Get the current Cray-Cyber activities as a RSS-Feed:

Since the beginning of December 2002, the Cray-Cyber team decided to write a short diary from time to time
containing all the current news, recent activities and perhaps some pictures.
This is the replacement for the old news page. If you want to see the old news (pre-December-2002) have a look here.

Article posted on 04. Mar 14 - 23:45 by MK, last edited on 04. Mar 14 - 23:50 by MK
Subject: News 2014 - Planning of new exhibition / moving again
After a long time without updates, here is a short status of ongoing activities. Unfortunately the hall 109 of the University isn't any longer usable because of problems with the stability. This is why the machines had to be shut down since a while now. So we are now planning another move (inside the same area). So far we have moved the office and workshop, what should us enable to bring back to work at least the Cray emulator soon. Additionally we make the planning of a new interim exhibition for some of our bigger machines (Cray, Sun E10k). More news coming soon - hopefully we are back in 2014.
Article posted on 17. May 11 - 15:11 by FM, last edited on 17. May 11 - 15:11 by FM
Subject: ... still alive
Although our homepage is not updated quite regularly because we don't have much time currently our mission of bringing the computers back to life and online for you is proceeding. The SUN Enterprise 10000 with Solaris is running 24x7 for you, so is the CDC 4680 (EP/IX) machine. You can log on via the same way you have always be logging in to the systems
Article posted on 14. Aug 09 - 22:25 by JGZ, last edited on 28. Jun 10 - 12:02 by FM
Subject: Moving
In the month of September we will move into the datArena. In a cooperation with the University of the German Armed Forces Munich (Universitaet der Bundeswehr) we are setting up an environment for research and teaching about historical computing equipment, within Hall 109 of the Munich-Neubiberg Campus.
Article posted on 15. Feb 09 - 21:11 by JGZ, last edited on 15. Feb 09 - 21:12 by JGZ
Subject: File transfer update
We have updated our documentation on file transfers to/from Cray-Cyber. Since we have two CDC Cyber NOS systems now online, the Cyber 960 and DtCyber, the Cyber emulator, we also provide information about file transfer in between these Cyber systems. You find the updated information here
Article posted on 10. Jan 09 - 13:30 by WS, last edited on 10. Jan 09 - 13:33 by WS
Subject: Happy New Year everybody!

Many things happening @, most of it behind the scenes, though. We found some more additional storage space for the collection in second half of 2008 and already started to fill it up. Currently we have several SGIs in there (mostly O2000 and Onyx2) and lots of "new" CDC spare parts and documentation. Right at the moment, John is out of Germany with a team of people to unmount another huge Control Data installation. Parts will end up in the new storage facility on Wednesday of upcoming week. Maybe pictures will follow, stay tuned.

Upcoming actions for our small team in the computer room: fresh install of our Cray YMP-EL, which currently has a broken system disk, as you might have noticed already. Fortunately, we have enough spare disks here. Another main task will be the setup of our Cray J916 and finally fix another broken system disk in our SGI Origin 2000. Since it's new year, we of course have plenty of New Year's pledges :-)

Oh, and for the Web 2.0 freaks out there: We recently set up a twitter stream. Feel free to follow us at

Article posted on 13. Sep 08 - 12:20 by JGZ, last edited on 20. Sep 08 - 11:52 by JGZ
Subject: SUN up 24/7 replacing yel
The disk reconfiguration of our yel will need more calendar time since we are very short of manhours.
Article posted on 02. Aug 08 - 14:14 by JGZ, last edited on 02. Aug 08 - 14:15 by JGZ
Subject: yel disk problem
Today yel was hung with disk errors again. So it appears that one of the two IPI drives on the yel is becoming defective. We need to replace it with some spare (we do have sufficient supply, fortunately). So yel will be down for some time, since we also need to reload the operating system after replacing the drive.
Article posted on 27. Jul 08 - 13:05 by WS, last edited on 27. Jul 08 - 13:10 by WS
Subject: yel becomes ill? And some server hassles.

Yesterday even before leaving home for operating, I experienced a non working web server and no logins possible at So, first thing right after arriving at the site was to check our Xen server. Everything looked fine except the webserver virtual instance. Tried a Xen reboot of that instance, but no success. Finally I rebooted the entire server with all Xen instances. Everything came up fine, all systems running. One thing I couldn't get resolved though, was DHCP over WiFi. Instead of debugging for hours, I just took a nearby ethernet cable an will do debugging another time.

Suddenly during afternoon, yel came up with a temperature error. When looking on the machine, all I got was a telnet connection refused error. So, let's check the console. Uh oh! Told me something about unrecoverable read error on disk. The operating system couldn't load /etc/inittab it said. Here you can find a screenshot of the errors. I was hesitating to switch off the machine and reboot. Mostly, the root cause for errors like this at such vintage machines isn't obvious and in most cases some really broken hardware. When Alex arrived, we decided to reset the CPU and reboot UNICOS. The Cray booted up without noticable errors, is now up and running again and happy to service you.

Article posted on 31. May 08 - 15:15 by WS, last edited on 31. May 08 - 15:19 by WS
Subject: E10k boot problems

Last week, one of two control boards in our E10k refused to work. The redundant one spontaneously decided to do the same. No control board, no running E10k. So today I investigated.

First: switch off power on everything in the E10k chassis. Connect to all important log files to see what'll happen. And power on control board 0. Decides to boot this time. Cool. Next switch on power to our private domain, consisting of only a single board (4 CPUs). Bringup the domain. Everything fine, Solaris boots, login available. Fine.

Well. Then there is another apparently broken control board 1. Switched on that as well. Boots just fine. Now I'm getting courageous. There is our public domain, consisting of 56 CPUs, distributed among 14 system boards. Switched on power to all of them and entered the bringup command. Whoow! Works! Great! I troubleshooted and repaired two control boards the same time by doing plain nothing! Cool thing :-)

A good engineer will make some quality assurance to his work at the very end. So I decided to switch of the entire platform and start over. This time according to our self written boot manual. And well, everything works as expected. Both domains are up and running, accepting logins, have all their filesystems mounted and so on.

To make a long story short: We suspected a broken E10k last week, but couldn't find any errors or other hints. Everything is up and running again. Lucky we.

Article posted on 17. Nov 07 - 17:08 by FM, last edited on 18. Nov 07 - 20:50 by JGZ
Subject: Cray Y-MP EL up again 24x7, CD 4680 every Saturday
Dear Cray-Cyber Users,

we are proud to announce that we finally received a replacement Ethernet-Board for our Cray Y-MP EL (if someone of you happens to have another one laying around, please tell us! We urgently need spares).
Because of this we were able to take the Cray Y-MP EL back into operation. From today on this machine will be running again 24x7. All user-accounts as well as our guest account are also available on the Cray. To use the Y-MP EL, choose number 1 (hostname yel) from the Host-Chooser-Menu and log on using your username and password. Regarding the performance, please remember that this machine has Vector-CPUs. For more information, please see:

Furthermore majestix, our Control Data 4680 is also back in operation every Saturday. Due to a hard disk failure we needed to reinstall EP/IX 2.2.1AA and recompile and port all the layered products. Thanks to Gerard van der Grinten who spent one week here at and reinstalled majestix and fixed some of the tape drives of the Cyber. More information about the Control Data 4680:

That means that we now have the following machines in operation:

  • Cray Y-MP EL running UNICOS 9 (yel) 24x7
  • Cyber 960-32 running NOS and NOS/VE (cy960) - every Saturday
  • Sun Enterprise 10000 running Solaris 10 (e10k) - every Saturday
  • Control Data 4680 running EP/IX 2.2.1AA - every Saturday.

We are still working on taking the SGI Origin 2000 back into operation and will announce its availability as soon as we are ready.

Have fun using our systems and don't hesitate to ask us if you have any additional questions. Best Regards,
Your Cray-Cyber-Team

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